Mount Elizabeth Hospital

345-bed Mount Elizabeth Hospital performs the largest number of cardiac surgeries and neurosurgeries in the private sector in the region. The hospital is accredited with the Joint Commission International (JCI), and is the first private hospital in Asia to win the Asian Management Award for exceptional people development and management.

Transplantation has been known to save lives. It brings hope and life for those suffering from end-stage organ failure, blood disorders and blood cancers. Continuous evolvement in research and pharmacology has now opened doors to transplantation which provides better and longer quality of life.

Prostate cancer is very common in Western countries, though more cases are occurring in Southeast Asia. Surgery provides the best cure rate for men with prostate cancer, which is now at about 90 percent. Other post-operative problems such as impotency are greatly reduced because The Da Vinci’s increased magnification enables surgeons to better see and preserve nerves.

And pre-surgery preparation and post-operative recovery times have also dropped dramatically.

Overseas patients can do a same-day admission, and a week later, they can fly back to where they are and get back to work.

At Mount Elizabeth Hospital, we believe in providing our patients a multi-disciplinary approach to the clinical treatment and management of their conditions. Haematopoietic/bone marrow stem cell transplant, living donor kidney and liver transplants form the pillar of our Transplant & Cellular Therapy Programme; and they bring hope and provide therapies to patients in the world.